ACTia is an association that focuses on addressing common issues facing the clean technology industry. ACTia's mandate is to promote clean technologies to the private and public sectors. Key areas of interest to ACTia members include:

  • Public and private financing
  • Public perception and awareness
  • Development expertise
  • Fostering innovation
  • Regulatory education
  • Assessment and improvement of standards and codes
  • Market analysis

Ensuring our members lead the way in clean technologies will help sustain regional economic growth. Join ACTia today and work with other leaders to advance our industry in Alberta.



To work with industry and government in Alberta to advance clean technology research, innovation, development and manufacturing.


  • To become the first point of contact for Alberta’s clean technology community
  • To become the central point for news, education, regulation, policy, financing / investment, engineering, etc.
  • To assist in showcasing best practices in clean technology from Alberta and around the world.
  • To influence the regulatory and policy environment in support of clean technology
  • To assist members / constituents in navigating and helping to define and refine regulatory and policy hurdles
  • To link new and expanding clean technology business to financing and investment through direct referrals, networking events and in establishing new investment and finance mechanisms
  • To establish a central directory of the clean technology industry in Alberta as well as the national and international groups and associations
  • To advance education and professional development opportunities that will bring Albertans to the cutting edge of clean technology innovation and adoption

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