Brian Doucette, M.Sc. Eng – Director

Suncor Energy -- Director, Upstream Technology Partnerships

Brian Doucette is responsible for leading the development of Suncor's external innovation strategy to seek out technologies and partnerships which can Suncor enhance its oil sands business by reducing its capital and operating costs as well as its environmental impact.  Brian and his team are responsible for scanning for technologies and innovations and potential investments that can help Suncor achieve its aspirations to reduce the resource intensity of its products and create new energy solutions


Brian's previous roles include Director of Environmental Excellence, where he was responsible for setting the environmental strategy of the company.   In this role he was Suncor's Steering Committee Representative for the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) Water Environmental Performance Area and also led the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative Water Management Working Group.  Brian also held various roles in the Suncor business unit in Fort McMurray, focused on process innovation and optimization, project development, energy and water management, and engineering leadership.


Brian has 24 years of experience with Suncor and holds A Bachelor and Masters degree in chemical engineering from the University of New Brunswick.