Corporate Membership

Sliding scale dependent on # of employees as follows:

  • 11-20 employees, $775
  • 21-50 employees, $1,450
  • 51-100 employees, $2,250
  • 101-300 employees, $3,250
  • 301-500 employees, $4,250
  • 501+ employees, $5,250


This membership category is for corporations in any clean technology sector who are generating commercial revenue from business activities.  Corporate members are entitled to one vote per company.


  • Determine the Board Leadership and Influence ACTia Direction -  Members are able to run for board positions and choose the Board of Directors for the Association.  This important responsibility will enable you to nominate and vote on the leaders that will advance efforts on behalf of the membership.  Opportunity to vote on all important issues that influence the direction of ACTia.
  • Charter members status (Limited time only) - The first 200 Clean Technology company members will become the charter members of ACTia. A certificate will be provided to them in recognition of this exclusive status.  Charter members will also be acknowledged on the ACTia website.   
  • Marketing - Get exposure for your business through speaking at and attending networking events, the ACTia on-line business directory, and through publications, newsletters and other materials that will reach other interested parties in Alberta’s Clean Technology industry.   Corporate members will be given opportunities to be recognized as partners for ACTia events. 
  • Advocacy - Work with other like-minded individuals, companies and associations to prepare and present key issues to the industry, all levels of government and the general public.  Support general campaigns for the public to adopt clean technology/ environmental practices.
  • Save Money  -  Corporate members will receive complimentary tickets to all Clean Drinks and Clean Conversations events and will receive discounts to the ACTia annual event and other partner events.  ACTia members who also belong to other Alberta clean technology associations are eligible for a reduced membership.  Please enquire with ACTia Membership.
  • Committee Participation and Professional Development - As a voting or non-voting member you will have the opportunity to contribute on a committee and influence the impact that ACTia will have on our industry through programs and events.  Also, you can get involved in providing content or the editorial committee for the ACTia newsletter.    
  • Industry Information and Reports - ACTia will perform surveys, and gather important industry information which will through ACTia’s website.  Members will also have priority access to special reports and  data, giving them a competitive intelligence to help make business decisions.  
  • Events - ACTia hosts networking events across Alberta throughout the year and an annual Cleantech event.  Connect with industry professionals, investors and government locally, nationally and internationally.  Corporation representatives will have opportunities to suggest topics and speak at Clean Conversations and Clean Drinks events held in different locations across Alberta.
  • Future Development - Advanced Access to Industry Directory - ACTia members will have access to member controlled information.  You will also be able to post information that other members will be able to securely access to help you locate and secure business relationships.