Jeff Reading, B.A., B. of Ed., M.A. - Director


Principal, Actions Matters


Jeff has more than 35 years’ experience in the energy and environmental space. He has worked in education with the Calgary Board of Education; government with the City of Calgary and Government of Alberta; and the not-for profit sector with Climate Change Central and Carbon Management Canada Research Inc. (CMC).


Currently, Jeff is the lead at Actions Matter, an independent management consulting group that supports energy innovation commercialization. 


He has experience in social enterprise development, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, renewable energy solutions, facilitation across a wide range of audiences and topics, business case development, partnership management at the local, national and international level, organizational transformation and change management, environmental and energy literacy and supporting start-up business ventures from research through the commercialization pathway.


In addition, Jeff teaches at the University of Calgary and is Chair of the Alberta Council for Environmental Education, Chair of the Green Learning Canada Foundation, an advisor with Carbon Talks Canada and sits of the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation Grant Review Committee.