Our Mission

Create an environment in Alberta that fosters research, innovation, and adoption/commercialization of the best clean technology practices.

Our Goals

  1. Become known as the first point of contact for Alberta’s Clean Technology Community (industry, business, and individuals) and providing a central point for news, education, regulation, policy, financing/investment, engineering, etc.
  2. Provide opportunities for showcasing best practices in Clean Technology from Alberta and around the world
  3. Influence the regulatory and policy environment in support of clean technology
  4. Assist members/constituents in navigating through the regulatory and policy hurdles
  5. Link new and expanding clean tech business to financing and investment through direct referrals, networking events and in establishing new investment and finance mechanisms
  6. Establish a central directory of clean tech players in Alberta and relative national and international groups and associations.
  7. Advance education and professional development opportunities that will bring Albertans to the cutting edge of clean technology innovation and adoption.