Stuart Lomas, B.Sc., MBA - Director

CEO, Luau Data Corporation


Stuart is CEO of Luau Data Corporation (, an Alberta technology company producing solar-powered surveillance and monitoring equipment for remote oilfield sites.  Stuart's background is technology product development in companies ranging from small startups to large multinationals including GE and Hewlett Packard, in Canada, the US, and Europe.

He has also presented and sold technology products and services across North America, from California to the US east coast, including Calgary and Fort McMurray.


Stuart believes that technology companies in Alberta have a unique opportunity to bring innovative products to our major local industries, and then grow to reach customers around the world. Alberta has many cleantech opportunities that can use this strategy, thanks to strengthening local regulations, and local resource industries that have problems, money, and global reach.

Stuart is also past-president of the Alberta Council of Technologies (, and a new business mentor with the University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service (