Student Membership

Fee is $35 annually.  Full time and part time students accepted. Non-voting membership.


  • Advocacy - Work with other like-minded individuals, companies and associations to prepare and present key issues to the industry, all levels of government and the general public.  Support general campaigns for the public to adopt clean technology/ environmental practices.
  • Save Money - Member discounts will be offered to events that ACTia runs as well as to those of some of our Alliance Partners.  
  • Committee Participation and Professional Development - As a voting or non-voting member you will have the opportunity to contribute on a committee and influence the impact that ACTia will have on our industry through programs and events. Also, you can get involved in providing content or the editorial committee for the ACTia newsletter.  Students who volunteer with active committees will have their membership fees waved.  Please enquire about opportunities with ACTia Membership.
  • Industry Information and Reports - ACTia will perform surveys, and gather important industry information which will through ACTia’s website. 
  • Events - ACTia hosts networking events across Alberta throughout the year and an annual Cleantech event.  Connect with industry professionals, investors and government locally, nationally and internationally.