Dear Cleantech Member


We would like to introduce you to a great Alliance that will become a voice for our industry.


"Cleantech Industry " represents a technology sector focused on efficiency and improving the quality of life through

  • the development of cost sustainable and superior service, product and process performance, while
  • reducing or eliminating negative ecological impact, at the same time as
  • improving the productive and responsible use of natural resources

ACTia provides the Alberta Cleantech industry with a voice to the public, institutional  and private sectors. On behalf of the industry we address topics that are common to all sectors in the Cleantech industry. These common interests include

      1. Networking and Developing business relationships with like-minded businesses and  potential partner
      2. improving the business environment to create sustainable Clean Technology enterprise
      3. ensuring public policy does not hinder sectors of the industry
      4. creating a direct link to government to ensure a strong voice
      5. ensuring Alberta is attractive to Clean Technology business  investment
      6. creating a business standard that provides confidence in the industry
      7. increasing public awareness of the benefits of Clean Technology


Some examples of the Clean Technology Sectors our members belong to are as follows

  • Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy generation
  • Water Recovery and Reuse
  • Food Production
  • Smart Building Construction and Management
  • Transportation Technology
  • Materials Recycling and Renewable Materials Development
  • Information and  Data Application Technology for Smart Grids and Analytics
  • Emission Management


If this sounds like you we would welcome your participation!




ACTia Membership Committee