Cleantech Industry Sponsorship 

Benefits and Services:

  • 8 hours of advisory and other forms of service upon request 

  • Targeted media and marketing promotion in key markets – priority marketing to ACTia subgroups.

  • Labelled on media in ACTia’s newsletter, website home page, webinars, and in other marketing campaigns

  • Listed branding on ACTia’s products (Ecosystem Map, Survey Report)

  • Priority recognition at events with marketing, sponsor labels, banners, website, general podium thank you’s, and other forms of recognition

  • Subgroup leadership sponsors i.e. (biolist, agri-tech, etc.) – priority media and engagement to designated key sector subgroups

$5,000 annual sponsorship with the following priority benefits as a cleantech industry supporter.

ACTia is the only multi-stakeholder, province-wide and industry-focused group working to support Albertans developing clean technology.

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